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Grass Dynapro V3 Runners

• concealed full extension synchronised runner with soft-close for wooden drawers
• liquid soft-close damper for continuous smooth movement
• 40kg or 70 kg load capacity
• stepless self-locking of the drawer when placed on the runner
• minimum installation depth = nominal length + 3mm
• height adjustment without tools + 3.5mm
• tool-free side adjustment 1.5mm
• tilt angle adjustment +4.0mm
• 4D clip available as retro-fit option, providing sideways, back-forth, tilt and up-down adjustment
• add-on Tipmatic push-to-open mechanism with three operating levels for different weight drawers
• order synchronisation bar if required

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Product Specs

Code Item Nominal Length
F130107790 40kg runner set 250 mm
F130107793 40kg runner set 270 mm
F130107796 40kg runner set 300 mm
F130107808 40kg runner set 400 mm
F130107814 40kg runner set 450 mm
F130107820 40kg runner set 500 mm
F130107826 40kg runner set 550 mm
F130107832 70kg runner set 450 mm
F130107820 70kg runner set 500 mm
F130107844 70kg runner set 550 mm
F130107850 70kg runner set 600 mm
F130107853 70kg runner set 650 mm
F130107856 70kg runner set 700 mm
F130107859 70kg runner set 750 mm
F134125074 3D front locking device and adjustment adapter
F134101313 4D clip
F134109323 Tipmatic set for V3
F134109410 Tipmatic synchronisation bar 1200mm for V3

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